Artist of the Month: Jaimie Wilson, Country Heartthrob

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For the month of February, we are celebrating the trans male country musician Jaimie Wilson.  The son of a musician mother, Jaimie first started playing piano at the age of 4.  When he was 16, he taught himself to play guitar in the matter of a few days, and began writing his own songs.  Now at 20, Jaimie has played at venues around Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well as recorded his own album at Nickel City Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.  Here are six reasons we love this country boy!

1.  He performs a sweet, tender, and a little bit twangy rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” that will give you chills.

2.  He uses his Instagram @tboy61915 to document how hormone therapy has affected his singing voice.

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Photo via Instagram.

“The question I get asked a lot by family members and friends is “why would you transition? You were able to sing so much better before T” and here’s my response: sure before my transition I know I could hit any high note there was, but that’s not what music is about to me. Now I can write about anything I want and sing about anything I want! Music is my therapy and my escape from this crazy life…it’s the last place I should make myself be someone I’m not! I couldn’t be happier performing as the most authentic me there is 😊 even if I can’t hit the notes I use to be able to…I’m happier and more comfortable than EVER!” –@tboy61915

3.  He gives back to the FTM community by giving away a binder and/or packer each month.  Enter to win by following, shouting out, and tagging @tboy61915.

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4.  He utilizes the new social media platform YouNow to interact in real time with fans, answering questions, and performing songs.  You can catch his next broadcast on tboy61915.

Photo via Instagram.
Photo via Instagram.

5.  He keeps it real.

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“STOP ASKING WHAT’S IN MY PANTS | Everyday I receive messages asking invasive questions about what’s between my legs….why people? Why do you care so much about MY genitals!? I understand that these questions are mostly coming from people outside the transgender community…so they are not educated about these types of things and are just curious…but that’s what Google is for! Me nor my fellow brothers and sisters should ever have to deal with these types of questions. It should be common sense NOT to ask a complete stranger what their private parts consist of. You don’t see me asking what you got goin on down there. ✖️Genitals do not define gender✖️ ..end of rant.” –@tboy61915

6.  He’s dreamy.

Photo via Instagram.
Photo via Instagram.

Want to know more about the handsome and talented Jaimie Wilson?  You can also like him on Facebook at Jaimie Wilson Music and visit his website  Be sure to watch him perform more covers and original songs on his Youtube channel Jaimie Wilson Music.  You can (like us) buy his two singles Driving Me Crazy and I’ll Stay There on iTunes.  Look out for our exclusive interview with this emerging trans artist in our April 1st issue!






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