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5 Trans Dads We Want to Fuck

Centerfold of our second issue, Tygh.
Centerfold of our second issue, Tygh.

Tygh was a natural pick for our cover model for the DILF issue.  In fact, he’s the reason the whole issue exists.  We picked him before we picked the topic!  Magazines may come and go–some before they even begin–but Tygh will long stand as role model and trans father figure for many FTMs.  He is always putting out new videos, photos, and blogs (for our site now, too!)–he’s his own media institution, himself!  When he signed at our table at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, tons of guys were coming up to meet him!  But transitioning later in life has also come with a toll:  a harsh rejection by his former social network.  Read more about his transition from motherhood to fatherhood in our second issue!

Giovanni says the best part of being a father is hearing his kids now call him "Dad."
Giovanni says the best part of being a father is hearing his kids now call him “Dad.”

Giovanni has two daughters, and he opens up about how transitioning has changed their relationships publicly and privately.   He humbly reminds us not to underestimate how open children can be to a parent’s transition–e.g. they are not losing a mother, they are gaining a happier father.   Check out his interview and pictures with his family in our DILF issue.

Mykel submitted the most adorable pictures with his 3 year old daughter, but you'll have to read the magazine to see them!
Mykel submitted the most adorable pictures with his 3 year old daughter, but you’ll have to read the magazine to see them!

Mykel is Superman to his daughter, and that’s why he’s on it “24/7/365.”  And she is, obviously, his queen:  “It’s her world.  I’m just living in it.”  Read the advice he’s got for guys with kids who are considering transitioning in Issue 2.

The biggest fear Derek had about transitioning was that it might jeopardize his relationship with his son.

Derek transitioned about three years after giving birth to his son.  And it only took his son about 20 minutes to start calling him Daddy.  Find out how Derek has made his son part of his journey in our latest issue!

Matty Boi can be found on
Matty Boi can be found on  Follow him on Instagram at @mattyxboi

Lucky you, we’ve got a bonus DILF for the blog only, FTM porn star, Matty Boi.   Not only is he a sexy he’s rt throb, he’s also a daddy.  And he just might be that other kind of Daddy too, but you’d have to check out his YouTube video with Ryan Cassata on BDSM to find out for sure!  But we do know his favorite part of being a father:

“Do I really have to pick one?! That list is endless.
I absolutely love watching her express herself as her own person. Seeing her find passion in things and ALWAYS blowing me away with her talents and intelligence is an irreplaceable experience. (She is an incredible writer, watch out world!) Also, it’s amazing to look at your kid doing simple or huge things like school projects, moving up a grade, falling in love for the first time, or telling you about their plans for the future and go, ‘Holy shit, I helped that person become their own person.’ And let me tell you, she is an awesome person. I’m honored that I’ve been able to be a part of her life. She’s my heart and soul. I guess ultimately, she is my favorite part of being a dad. My favorite part is that I’m her dad.”

Happy Father’s Day!

5 Transgender Couples Who Will Warm Your Heart

Since it is Valentine’s Day, we wanted to feature a few couples for you to enjoy on this special day.  We have compiled our five favorite couples (featuring at least one trans partner). We are working on our June issue called Trans Love that will feature all trans couples (ftm/mtf and ftm/ftm), but in the meantime enjoy our five couples on this fun and wonderful holiday to show love.

1. D’Jamel and Leiomy

Leiomy and D'Jamel from Instagram @@boss_man_transl8tion
Photo via Instagram.

“The purpose of partnership is to fill your heart with love, learn from love and its experiences, and to build off that promising foundation.  Loving u more everyday.”  -D’Jamel 

Leiomy Maldonado and D’Jamel Young, aka Bonnie and Clyde, aka Wonder Woman and Batman (according to D’Jamel’s Instagram), take our breath away with this hot, almost-but-just-not, lip lock.  D’Jamel is featured in our “11 Rising Black Trans Male Stars” list for his work as an actor, producer, and entrepreneur.  Leiomy is an international vogue teacher and choreographer.  To keep up with the latest on this #powercouple, follow them on Instagram, @boss_man_transl8tion and @wond3rwoman1.

2.  Giovanni and Jenna

Giovanni and Jenna from Instagram @giovannimichaelcarlo13
Photo via Instagram.

“You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you’re the love of my life, you’re my one and only, you’re my everything.”  -Giovanni

Giovanni and Jenna are the proud parents of two daughters, who Jenna calls her princesses.  I’m pretty sure Giovanni does too.  The love these two parents have for each other and their children radiates off the screen.  We hope to meet this #powercouple at this year’s Trans-Health Conference in Philly!  For now, we’ll just like all their photos on Instagram.  You can too!  Follow them @jennacarlo and @giovannimichaelcarlo13!

3.  Blue and Owen

Blue and Owen, Facebook
Photo via Facebook.

“Marriage license filed!                                      It’s official…mr&mr!”  -Blue

Blue Montana and Owen Miller just tied the knot last November, and we wish them all the best!  Married life seems to suit them well, as evidenced by lots of adorable photos of first holidays together, as well as their incredibly cute pug.  Blue is also a board member for Trans Lifeline, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of transgender people.  You can follow this #powercouple on Facebook, Blue Montana and Owen Miller.

4.  Miracle and Christopher

Christopher & Miracle from Instagram s4tansloth_
Photo via Instagram.

“He’s my other half, he’s my what you would call a “soulmate”, he’s my best friend and he’s the man that drives me so insane I just wanna smash my head into a revolving door.  But most of all, this fucker is mine. ❤️” -Miracle

Miracle and Christopher have been together since 2014, and they describe themselves as a “self made family with our little spawn.”  With their gages and dyed hair, how could you not fall in love with this hot, alternative #powercouple and their shared Instagram account, @s4tansloth?

5.  Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson

photo by Andi at
Photo by Andi at

“I met the man who changed my life.  We may not have the ideal relationship that people think is perfect, but it works for us.  We met working on a porn set, so we are far from what society thinks is perfect.  What matters is we love each other!”  -Michelle

Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson are revolutionizing the trans male porn world with their site FTM.XXX. Their full-length documentary style porn “50 Shades of a Tranny” is the first film of its kind, in that it looks into the love, sexuality, and kink between two real life FTM-MTF lovers.  You never know what this #powercouple might be up to next, but you can try to keep up by following Michelle on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and Dicky on Twitter,  or Tumblr.

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11 Rising Black Trans Male Stars

In honor of Black History Month, we have put together a great list of black trans men, that are rising stars you should know more about. Many list don’t include diversity and we wanted to dedicate this whole list to 11 amazing guys! Please check out their social media and show them love! The list ranking is in no particular order.


photo via Chance Lombardi's Instagram
photo via Chance Lombardi’s Instagram

Watch the sun rise on the terrace with sexy and talented actor Chance Lombardi by visiting his Instagram @iamchance_817.  This heart throb hails from Southside Jamaica Queens, and he’s literally melting the snow behind him in this hot selfie.


photo via Lee'Ron Holfetz Facebook.
photo via Lee’Ron Holfetz Facebook.

We can’t wait for the incredibly dapper Lee’Ron Holfetz to release his first song.  For now we’ll enjoy his photos, especially those showcasing his talents as a barber.  You can find this tatted hottie on Facebook.


photo provided by Eddie Wood, shot by Eddie.
photo provided by Eddie Wood, shot by Eddie.

A post-op trans men took the trans porn world by storm last year being the first post-op trans guy to be captured on film. Messyah Kyng is doing things his way and this year he has been nominated for Transgender Erotica Awards for FTM Best New Face happening in March. You can see Messyah in action on FTM.XXX.


photo via Micah Raps Instagram.
photo via Micah Raps Instagram.

Micah just released his music video “Sucka Free,” which you can watch on his website  It opens with this talented lyricist and MC arising shirtless from a bed, and leaving his hunky big spoon, cuddle buddy under the covers.  Follow him on Instagram @micahraps!


photo provided via Miles Long Facebook.
photo provided via Miles Long Facebook.

Miles Long a talented trans drag performer from Long Beach, CA. Which is also one of the kings featured in documentary called Making A King which was featured in our first issue of our magazine. You can follow him at @the_mileslong on Instagram.


photo via of D'Jam Instagram from red carpet of Eden's Garden Premier
photo via of D’Jamel Young’s Instagram from red carpet of Eden’s Garden Premiere

When D’Jamel Young isn’t acting or producing for the web series Eden’s Garden, this entrepreneur runs his own massage therapy business, hosts Transition Thursdays at Carol Lounge, and anticipates the launch of his trans mingle site,, which is featured S1E4. You can follow D’Jamal on Instagram @boss_man_transl8tion.   

7. REX

photo via
photo via

One of the hottest black trans performers out on the scene. Rex has been seen on many queer porn sites and including James Darling’s FTM Fucker. Rex not only is a hot performer but an intelligent man who has set on sex worker panels to speak about sex work. This handsome man can be seen on


photo via Son Instagram.
photo via SonKisst Instagram.

SonKisst is rapper and singer hailing from Myrtle Beach.  Right now he’s got 10 songs up on his  He says Dreamer is his best track, but we recommend listening to the entire sexy/soulful/funky album to decide for yourself!


photo provided via Thesagacity's Facebook.
photo provided via Thesagacity Kidd’s Facebook.

Thesagacity Kidd is a talented graphic and digital artist, as well as photographer.  He creates stunning album covers, which you can check out on his Facebook.


Wyatt Gray photographed by his husband
Wyatt Gray photographed by his husband, provided by Wyatt.

SAG-AFTRA actor and model Wyatt Gray has been featured on Buzzfeed, Transparent, and the web series Cop This, which he also directed.  You can follow his Instagram @boiwyatt.


photo via

A handsome and sexy trans adult film star that has been featured lately on and other queer porn sites. He has shown that he has a lot of sex appeal and you can see him showing it all off in his scenes.

10 Hot Trans Guy Entertainers You May Not Know

All these media outlets are obsessed with doing TOP list of trans guys and we always feel they never get it right or they always feature the same ole guys. Here at Transgentlemen’s Club, we wanted to feature 10 entertainers you may or may not know about. Here is our 10 favorite Hot Trans Guy Entertainers:

1. LUCKY JOHNSON- Sexy blonde Trans drag performer from Los Angeles.

via instagram @transmafia
via instagram @transmafia

2. KIPP SLINGER- Hot and inked trans porn guy from Seattle.


3. DICKY JOHNSON- Smoking hot Trans guy adult performer/producer from Philly.


4. TRAVIS FOXX- Sexy inked up Trans guy drag performer from Long Beach, CA. 

via instagram @travis_foxx
via instagram @travis_foxx

5. SMITTY- Sexy Texas Trans guy drag performer from Houston. 

via Facebook
via Facebook

6. Messyah Kyng- Hot inked adult performer from Florida. 


7. Miles Long- Handsome trans drag performer from Long Beach, CA. 

via FB
via instagram @the_mileslong

8. CYD ST. VINCENT- Sexy inked adult performer/producer from San Francisco, CA. 


9. Havok Von Doom- Handsome trans drag performer from Los Angeles. 

Havok von Doom
via Facebook

10. JOHNNY DEEP- Up and Coming sexy adult performer.