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You Are Not Who You Date: Self-Reliance and the Single Life


Local libraries are doing a decent job of housing all types of publications for folks to peruse at their leisure but for an atmosphere of community I’d be hard pressed to find a better collection of literature than at my local LGBTQ community center. The Center here in Las Vegas has a specialized collection of literature for and by LGBTQI+ authors and a few days ago I found myself walking along the shelves looking for something to read.

Several covers later, one caught my eye because of its unusual title: Finding the Boyfriend Within—A Practical Guide for Tapping into Your Own Source of Love, Happiness, and Respect by Brad Gooch. Written in the late 1990s, the book served as an answer to gay cis men’s seemingly restless and unsatisfying search for the perfect boyfriend. Using the age-old advice that loving another requires loving oneself first, Gooch paints a detailed picture of what self-care looks like and how it thinks, as well as the tools to give you a better life of your own creation.

I can relate directly to this book, being gay myself, but his advice and perspective is universal. Just insert “girlfriend” or some other title in its place and you’ll see what I mean. Despite how hokey this title may seem to those who aren’t as in touch with their emotions, Finding the Boyfriend Within has plenty of insights that are worth reflecting on no matter who you are and whether you decide to use his many awareness exercises. Continue reading “You Are Not Who You Date: Self-Reliance and the Single Life” »

Getting Started

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Since I am just starting out as a Blogger, I thought that title would be great.

Struggles of waking up in the morning, not feeling just right. Tough to sleep because your thoughts keep you up all night. I know the feeling. It’s tough out there. But I have learned with Healthy Living, life is much more livable.

Eating healthy foods can keep your body full of nutrients. When we eat bad meals and when we are not fueling our bodies we can get chronic illness. Cholesterol levels are very important to those looking to start or already on Testosterone. If we are not eating healthy our cholesterol levels could be off and it could affect us from getting prescribed Testosterone. Also, eating healthy can help with chemical imbalances. Cutting out sugar is a good way to start maximizing your life. Last THING Drink MORE water. When you think you have drunk enough, DRINK MORE. Being Dehydrated is not fun.

Next, Exercise is for more for than just losing weight and getting muscular. It is also a stress reliever and mood enhancer. I have not had top surgery yet, so I get dysphoric at times because of my chest. I have to take the focus off the fat pockets on my chest somehow so I workout. I set realistic goals and try my best to do them. If I don’t complete those, I still did my best and start again the next day… just never give up. This can help us feel good about ourselves and that is the most important thing.

Thank you for reading Transgentlemen’s Club Magazine Blog Style

That is all….this time. If you have any questions, hit me up. I’m looking forward to it.

Live Healthy, Live Happy!

A few links to help you get started:

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Motivational Speaker, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Volunteer Spokesperson at Bold City Health a Maximized Living Health Center
Hey what's up there you beautiful people!?!?
My name is Devyn. Unfortunately that is not my legal name, YET. But just as many others who want their birth name changed, I hope it is changed soon.
I am a Trans Man, soon to be 33 (June, Gemini, whoop whoop), also 5 months on that there Testosterone.
I'm pretty much a happy guy that truly loves people, I want to encourage all people to set goals and motivate them to achieve those goals. I'm really big into Healthy Living now, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and on some levels Spiritual, Internal and External health. I just want many people to live longer and healthier. Which I believe is true happiness.

Lets enjoy this journey together.